About Us


Since 1947, Glenn Wing Power Tools, Inc. has been dedicated to providing and servicing the best quality power tools and accessories available. Catering to several trades, including carpenters, cabinet makers, building contractors, fabricators, finishing and painting contractors, industrial arts and school programs, artists, and the serious hobbyist.

Matching the correct tool with the pending application is the main priority for Glenn Wing's sales team. We firmly believe that quality tools are the most affordable and perform to be the best value over time.

Glenn Wing's goal is to service the products we have sold for the life of the tool, not just during the manufacturer's warranty period. We are dedicated to assist our customers with full service so that our customers can focus on their work instead of wasting valuable time.

As always, we at Glenn Wing learn from our customers regarding tool applications. Having several thousand customers to interact with has given Glenn Wing's staff an unprecedented knowledge of tool applications.

Our customer's feedback is our most important learning tool. This feedback has led to design changes at the manufacturing level. In addition, our close relationship to our suppliers allows Glenn Wing to offer the most up to date tools to complete the toughest applications. Glenn Wing's customers have been chosen on several occasions to test new products well before their release to the market.